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Centre Party’s policies on foreign policy issues



Foreign Policy  ›  European Union

Should Sweden withdraw from the European Union?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Syrian Refugees

Should Sweden accept refugees from Syria?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  EU Authoritarian Sanctions

Should the EU sanction member countries with authoritarian governments?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  United States of Europe

Should the EU evolve into the United States of Europe?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Military Spending

Should Sweden increase or decrease military spending?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseIncrease, but only after our deficit is drastically reduced

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Foreign Policy  ›  Israel

Should Sweden continue to support Israel?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseWe should give equal support to Israel and Palestine.

Foreign Policy  ›  Foreign Aid

Should Sweden increase or decrease foreign aid spending?

CP>CP  Public statementsI am satisfied with the current amount of spending

Foreign Policy  ›  Mandatory Military Service

Should every 18 year old citizen be required to provide at least one year of military service?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Foreign Elections

Should the government attempt to influence foreign elections?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Post Brexit UK

Should the UK be allowed to access European Markets once they leave the EU?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  Central EU Agency

Should intelligence agencies be merged to create a central EU agency?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  European Commission

Should the European Commission be dismantled?

CP>CP  Public statementsNo

Foreign Policy  ›  European Union Countries

Should the number of countries in the European Union be reduced to 15?

CP>CP  Party’s support baseNo